>Noor Bukhari Salwar Kameez Styles


Noor in Traditional Party Outfits
Noor Bukhari our Pakistani glamorous Fashion icon, Photoshoots for SHE Magzine. Looks amazing here in different colors. Wearing round neck sleeveless kameez with capri/trouser, top is embroidered through neck and hem. Next to it she;s in Gharara styles, with long embellished top and flaired gharara.

Yellow/golden Brocade GhararaAgain she’s in Brocade Gharara with golden Kameez, embroidered through closure and neck.
Red Sleeveless Capri Salwar KameezNoor again exposed in her very own long top in red. Having floral motifs on it. The kameez is copmlimented with capri/trouser.

Noor is no doubt a great fashion model but besides this she is a doctor as well. Her hobby is to wear different stylish outfits but by profession she’s a doctor.


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