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>Wear Your Make Up, Don’t Let your Make Up Wear YOU!


One of the most common dilemmas most girls are faced with when dressing up in extravagant indian/pakistani wear is how to apply their make up?! It’s fair to think that it depends on the colors and the mood, but there’s a fine line between looking like a lady and a clown.

Here are some of the main things to think about when doing your make up.

The idea is to create the WOW look, effortlessly. So make sure that your use of concealer and foundation is just enough to blend into the skin’s natural color and not like a whole new layer of skin is put on you. Simply blend, blend, blend away.

Its always a good idea to choose the tone that is in the embroidery. For instance, if the embroidery is more gold you can used gold and copper to highlight the make up, however if its more silver then you can opt for more silver or white tones. Please avoid mixing them up!

If the Sari, Lehenga or Kameez is quite heavy and rich looking, opt for more sutle make up. You can accentuate the eyes and play down the lips or vice versa. However please dont make the make up too dark or too colorful, as it tends to bring down the whole look.

If you do decided to use darker make up, please keep the accessories simple. The whole idea is to figure out, what is it that you want to standout and work with it accordingly.

Please keep in mind that no matter how you do your make up, it has to work with the overall look that you are trying to create. It is easy to get carried away and go over board so please know when to stop.

The whole idea of using make up is to work with your natural features to where you highlight them and create an overall glow. Most ladies tend recreate their face with a burst of colors and that is usually where they go wrong. Enjoy playing with colors and love the face your working with and watch the beauty in the mirror.

>Sara Chaudhary In Pakistani Bridal Jewelry


Sara Chaudhary showcashing Bridal Jewelry and Dress. She wore a very significant colored outfit with matching kundan jewelry. Her bindi and choli embroidery resembles very much. Choli is embellished heavily with rich zari and sequins work on it. While her jewelry is also studded with kundans al over. She looks lovely and adorable.

>Sunita Marshal In Perfect Wedding Jewels


Sunita Marshal just became a remarkable Fasion Icon for our young generation. She is seen almost in every asian cloths, and she used to look adorable in all.

Here she is focusing Bridal Jewelry and Outfit. The dress color is very soothing while her is jewelry is adorable finished with Kundan and Pearls. Her Jewelry includes Bindi, Necklace, Earings and the most beautiful Desi Hand Panja. Her jewelry is carved in silver and golden which is typical for the bridal asian jewelry.

>Rakhi Sawant In Red Mermaid Lehenga


Rakhi Sawant wearing an extremely stunning Lehenga Choli on a reality TV show called  ‘Rakhi Ka Sawayamvar’.
In this show she got engagaed with a Canadian business man, Elesh. Rakhi gives the hot looks in Red Mermaid Lehenga. The choli is round neck with half-cap sleeves. Embroidered pearls, beads, zari and kora on neckline, waistline and sleeves. Her jewelry is designed with silver and maroon kundans/stones, including necklace, earings and maangtika. You can also see beautiful kundan ornaments on her braid.

>Amna Haq And Iman Ali In Bridal Jewelry

>Pakistani  Jewelry is quite famous in European countries as like Pakistani fashion dresses. These include gold, silver, bronze, stones and also fake jewelry items.

Here our famous models Iman Ali and Aminah Haq are in perfect bridal jewelry. Including bindi, earings and heavy necklace. The necklaces are very glamorous with studded crystals, beads and pearls. These accessories will definitley play a great role in Bridal getup. Their dresses also looks amazing with heavy embellishments on dupatta borders.