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>Zeenat Style & Zeenat Boutique are solely an online boutique and carry all operations online
Email: support @

To order online you can simply select the style from, send us the images or links at support @

We strive to deliver the exact style that you order, however there might be slight color & design indifferences depending on the color, fabric & style that you choose. Each order is custom made and is delivered to you on a no refund & no exchange basis.

We accept payments both through PayPal, Western Union & Money Gram.

We deliver World Wide to almost all countries. The Order usually take around 20-45 days, depending on the class of work & our work schedule it could take anywhere from 45-80 Days. We will let you know before the order is initiated an approximate timeline as to when your order will be completed.

Need further assistance? Email us now at support @

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