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>Sarees & their beauty


No matter where in the world you mention the word Saree you will get all the attention of the women. This is so since no other piece of attire will bring out the ideal feminine feel effectively and bring out the sensuality as done by a Saree. Among the different genres of Saree available the popular ones is Kodali karrupur form and art of Sarees that is the most royal form and is surely a mark the luxury and taste. This is the only reason why they were designed for the royal queens of the Maratha rulers of Tanjore.

The process and the technique that goes into designing these Sarees is equally lavish. This South Indian Saree is essentially made by the beautiful amalgamation of silk and cotton and with this pleasant balance the two materials brings out a shimmering effect of the golden zari among the prints of the natural hues.

What is more, the technique and the process of designing and creating a traditional kodali karruvar Saree and complementing blouse are done manually. No intervention of any kind of technology goes into it. In the beginning the fabric is at first woven with zari. For an appeal that is richer brocade is used that is typical of any South Indian Saree. Once the fabric is done, the process of designing starts. The highlight of the Saree is it beautiful gorgeous patterned pallu. The unique feature of the Saree is that the artistic borders are made on both sides of the Saree fabric. The painting, block printing and zari-cotton weaving creates an enchanting amalgamation of designs on the pallu. At the places where the cotton fabric is there block printing is done while in rest of the area, gold zari is kept for the shining.

The use of vegetable dyes is encouraged and weaving of the fabric of the Saree and the blouse is woven by hand in the handloom. The traditional Saree uses motifs that are mostly geometrical patterns and some of the other objects like the leaf, bel, tilakam, etc.

Sometimes a single theme of motif is woven all over the body of this traditional South Indian Saree. Designing the motifs with zari adds to the richness of the Saree.

The designs found in the border and on the pallu are also found on the sleeves of the blouse so as to give an overall smooth blend. However in the due course of time this art of making a Saree is lost. With the advent of power looms and chemical dyes no one cares for the age old hand weave and vegetable dyed Saree. The modern techniques of weaving have led to accessibility of Sarees that are economic, and because of this reason the demand for the authentic traditional Sarees have also fallen.

Recently the state government and the Commissioner of hand loom have taken some serious steps to revitalize the lost art of weaving a Saree in the handloom. An authentic traditional Saree can cost you anywhere from 4500 to 40,000 but when you wear it you will find that it is worth every penny of your money. The vibrant natural hue, the shimmery zari and the perfect combination of natural designs makes these Sarees extra special.

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>Jewelry Innovations & Creativity..


Even in jewelry its all about innovation and creativity. Necklaces are not just worn around the neck anymore they are also pinned to the head as a tikka. They can be worn on the side, in the middle or even at the back to accessories the hair. So next time you purchase a necklace make sure you check out other ways it can be used.

>Bling it On.. Salwar Kameez Saris Jewelry!


Sari blouses, Salwar Kameez front & back Designs now have a personality of their own. Designers have taken it to the next level by introducing bling in saris, sari blouses, salwar kameez & other indian & pakistani clothing styles. Rhinestones and Crystals are now being used not only to decorate, but also used to hold the blouse together or for neck designs.

This concept truly makes the asian fashion stand out and have a very trendy and eye catching looking to it. Bordering and frames are also enhanced with stones and crystals and seem to be gaining a lot of attention. Now you too can come up with creative ways to introduce bling to your style.

Rani Mukherjee blinging it in a Red Saree with embellishment and crystal work on her sleeveless blouse and a red see-through saree.